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“Perfect is more than a word and becomes a garment”


Who We Are

Sfera Wear Industry has chosen as their headquarters one of the best representatives of italian tailoring: Filottrano, a Marche site known in the branch for a successful union: the ancient tailoring wisdom and the cutting-edge technology run into here.
Being dynamic in a constellation of offices, Cad room, cutting, prototyping, quality control, accessories division and delivery division, Sfera Wear Industry chases its metropolitan moon in order to reveal New trends and check the work.
Its satellites are specialized outsourcers, selected for their quality and inspected constantly.
Operating since 2001, Sfera Wear Industry is the landing gained from thirty year experience by Francesco Camilloni in the fashion industry.
Became established in the management of the productive sector, driving a company of Gruppo Reporter, Camilloni has co-operated with the most famous brands of fashion, to get to Brand Managing of iconic griffe Romeo Gigli and then to his personal buying office and retailing company.
An articulated work, that found its fulfillment in Sfera Wear Industry which became international six years ago, opening up to foreign markets.

Show Room

Sfera works with several showrooms located Milan and Paris, operating four seasons per year, where we present emerging designers Made in Italy and established international brands to the most influential independent shops and department stores globally.

Brand Consultancy

We believe in brand building, we consider ourselves partners with our designers, and work hard to guarantee they receive the best analysis and information to make sure their collections attract buyers. Managing sales and communications we provide a personalised service, assisting our designers in building a strong, coherent and creative brand with an international identity.

Brand Development

We work to develop our brands identity with appropriate licensing deals and collaborations to build their global outreach.
We advise and assist our brands wholesales needs, including logistical, warehousing, range planning, price structuring and brand positioning.


“Everything you need, we do it all we do it well”




Sfera Wear Industry is an integrated fashion service that develops fashion collections for men – women – children for national and international brands, following every step of the creation, from the model design to materials research, from the finished garment to post production support and retailing.
Quality standards are ensured both in terms of human and technological goals, where competence is supported by the best software and machinery.


The customer is always provided with the opportunity to attend during the production process, to check in real-time and correct any detail. Sfera Wear Industry manages the payment terms to suppliers, as an additional guarantee for those who rely on it.
Randomness is not expected: every procedure, from creation to retailing, is followed meticulously, in order to make everything perfect, like a zipper that never leaves his track.


Because it has known for thirty years that the experience is like the tailor’s dexterity: if is cultivated with patience, it gives you the most noble results;
Because it has combined the manual tailoring with cutting-edge technology, so that “perfect” is more than a word and become a garment;
Because it selects production and trade partners with the safety of those who over the years has learned to recognize value and quality;
Because invested and continues to invest so that its standards are always up to and beyond customer expectations;
Because every procedure, from the model to the delivery, fulfills customer expectations always in time;
Because fashion is in details and know-how is the Sfera Wear Industry’s detail.


“Because fashion is made by details and konwing-how is the sfera wear industry’s detail”




“Everywhere details”


Where We Are


Sfera Srl
Via Villanova, 2/p bis
60024 Filottrano (AN) Italy
Phone: (+39) 071 7220893